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Thank you for your interest in our Content Marketing and Content Strategy Services. In the samples below you will find 3 styles and exemplars.

First, a blog post that has been optimized for niche specific high traffic key words. Latest SEO practices have been applied such as syntax and contextual phrasing.  This example is targets online marketing but easily achieved in style for any target niche.  It provides information, education and solves problems for the audience. But builds inner dialogue and reflection, hinting at how life simply would not be as successful or productive without the tool. That’s content marketing – selling without selling

The second is the optimized text from one of the highest converting sales pages of 2020.  It provides a clear structure and the tone leaves no doubt our content marketing strategy here is tosell and make sales.  This style of sales pitch is for your customer list, or those who purchase fromyou directly.  A great mailshot for those clients who trust you and your recommendations. That’s content marketing – relationship based recommendation. 

Third is an example of a content strategy planning tool.  It clearly lays out the business vision, the targets desired, the approach to content, the styles of marketing, the content releases, and recommended marketing phases.  This enabes aplanned and highly strategic approach.  This is content strategy – building approach, measuring success, exceeding expectation. 

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