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In today’s episode, we’re getting the lowdown on building an email list building. And who better to talk about this than the email marketing legend, Sean Mize.

Sean will give us step-by-step instructions for the entire process. From the things you need to know when you begin, all the way through to the most advanced techniques.

If you plan to grow your business, you need to gain subscribers, or as we know them “our leads”. This term means they are leads to people who may be interested in buying your products and services. 

Subscriber lists are usually made of people who have purchased from you before.  Or they are “prospects”, those that may be interested in buying the products and services you have to sell. 

The most common method for building your leads is via your website.

Power List Building Show Notes – Episode 1

Why Do We Bother With Building A List?

Let’s have a look at 2 scenarios.  Websites with no list and websites with a list.

Websites Without A List.

Let’s say you have a website that attracts 100 people per day. At 100 per day that’s visitor traffic of 3000 per. month.

And for easiness, let’s say we are selling our product at $100.

Now, on average general visitor traffic converts at 1%.

Meaning if you have 3000 people who visit your website, and 1% buy the product, you have 30 sales. So for the month you’d have 30 sales at $100 meaning total sales per month is $3000. Not bad you might think!

With this model and taking the average conversion rate of 1 percent purchasing we need add another factor.  Research shows us that most people visit a lot of websites but the return rate is between 1-2%. That means on average 98-99% of people just visit your website, they don’t purchase and never come back.

That means you need 3000 NEW people voting your website each month.

Now let’s look at the list building model using the same numbers.

List model

This model is based on you not pushing for a sale straight away. Nothing diverts traffic quicker than being sold to, before you’ve had a chance to even engage with a website. So don’t try to sell to your visitors straight away.

Instead of pushing sales, show values on your site. Answer problems, provide solutions, offer valuable downloads etc. You want to give as many options as possible to allow your visitors the chance to opt in to your list.

We know that on average, if your content is good, you can expect about a third of people (33.3%) to opt in.

When starting out you should aim for at least 30% (if you don’t get this you need to reexamine your opt-in page)

When really working well and brilliantly structured you can get up to 66% opt ins.

So let’s use our model of 3000 visitors to your website each month and use our low rate of 30% opting into your list.

Thats 1000 that have opted in to your list. You might be thinking, so what…they have given me an email rather than purchased anything.

Testing has shown us that those people who decide to purchase from you is a decision based on trust. They know your site, or your product, or you.

But if they don’t know you and don’t trust your site, they probably won’t give you an email address. But they are far more likely to provide an email address than they are to give you their credit card number.

List Building

So back to our modelling! You have 1000 people on your list.

For the first 2-3 weeks you will send them emails. Not selling, to gain a relationship. To built trust and to get to know them. Offer great advice. Offer a free download. We know that once you have formed a relationship with your list and you are trusted, those people will likely buy a product you recommend.

So in week 3-4 start sending your product recommendations. Research shows that the people in model 1 (No List) are likely to buy the product. And you will gain additional purchases for the who wouldn’t buy if not on your list. Let’s say another 10% (average)

So in month 1 you get $3300 Plus your list efforts gives you a list of 1000 subscribers. Now you can email then 3-7 times a month.

If we look at replication let’s assume we gain 3000 month 1 and we continue to gain 3000 a month. Usually lists drop off at about a third a month.

List Building Scale

So Month 2 we have 3000 new people and 2000 from month 1 (5000)

Month 3 we have 3000 new, 2000 (month 2) and 1000 (month 1) (6000)

If they have been on your list longer than 3 month they are likely to stay.

Month 4 – 3000, 2000, 1000, 1000 (7000)

so that’s $3000 month 1, $5000 month 2, $6000 month 3 etc…

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