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Our aim is to take the mystery out of marketing.  Blogga is a relatively new website, created in 2018.  However the people in charge are long experienced marketers and still run their own highly profitable businesses, but decided it was time to give back, and focus on what they love.  Blogga was born.GYou’re in good hands. But it explains why you’ll find a bit of an eclectic mix here.  And that’s what makes Blogga awesome!

It’s just like a proper old fashioned blog, where the content written on any given day is whatever takes the fancy of the team back at Blogga HQ.  So it’s not too random, you won’t find Grandmas recipes, funny dogs or cute cat videos.

You’ll find a podcast about email marketing and how to make blogging profitable. (Thanks Jennifer).  You’ll find content and social media marketing tips and guides for how to use content to your advantage. (Thanks Richard). And you’ll find low content, self publishing guides, resources and done for you products. (Thanks Jason) And of course our online Blogga courses for members. (Go Team!)

Join our membership (it’s free) and you’ll find some magic happens, you’ll discover posts that weren’t there a minute ago, downloads appearing in content pages and examples of our content packs that you can download and use (any way you want!)


Our Philosophy


Knowledge Is To Be Shared 

If you work with us, or purchase from us, you’ll get all the information you need to be successful.  Many online marketers provide “most” of the information, but leave out the bits you really need to be successful.  Competition!  They don’t want it!  But our pledge is you will get all the steps from us. Your jon is to turn it into a skill!


If You Don’t Love It, Don’t Do It.

We love what we do, and we don’t compromise on energy, passion or commitment. It’s easy when you love your work.  

So if you’re serious about building your brand and boosting your business we are here to help. If you love what you do, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!


Genuine In All We Do!

Let’s be honest.  We are all online as businesses.  So yes, we do charge for some services and some products.  But we ensure our charges are low, and our service value is high. Meaning you can be assured that you will get true value, true commitment and true skill from all we do.  Your business needs will be met in the same way we build our own!

Your Content is Your Voice

If you work with us, or buy a product from us, you have our guarantee it is of the quality we would expect were we to publish it ourselves.  Bespoke, quality, and SEO tested… off page and on!

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Grow Revenue

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